image of two photographs of a lady and a black and white border collie dog and the wording dog training and pet intolerance testing

Rewards-based online and Isle of Man puppy and dog training solutions for you and your dog.

Food and environmental hair intolerance testing is also available here.

Hi dog lover, I'm Lyndsay

I'm a dog trainer, pet psychologist, cigar importer, NLP Practitioner, wife, mother, and pet parent of two perfectly imperfect dogs.

Outside of my dog obsession, I love personal growth, bright colours, gin and life without frills.

I love helping people to get their next level... whatever that might be!

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image of cartoon bordee collie dog and the wording freebies

Freebies and discounts

Budget-savvy dog lover; make your life easier with this amazing collection of freebies and discounts, especially for you and your four-legged friend

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Image of a cartoon border co0llie and the wording online puppy training

Puppy Training Club - online

Get dog training at the click of a button with this handy range of online puppy and dog training courses. Or join Lyndsay's affordable puppy membership.

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Image of a cartoon dog and the wording pet intolerance testing

Hair testing analysis 

If you have a dog with itchy skin, digestive issues or recurring ear infections, this is the test you need. Helping you to get to the root of the issue.

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image of cartoon bordee collie dog and the wording isle of man dog training classes

Isle of Man Dog Training Classes

Puppy and dog training classes held in Douglas.
Level 1 - puppy foundations.
Level 2 - Recall & lead walking.
Level 3 - Teenage Dirtbags.

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